Investment process

Making formal and legal arrangements on behalf of the client

Searching for a suitable location

Signing a contract with the owner of the facility on behalf of the investor

Preparation, management and supervision of the design phase

Submitting applications for building permits on behalf of the investor

Obtaining the necessary arrangements and permits

Technical vision with the client


Telecommunications investments

Radiocommunication infrastructure facilities

Electrical, alarm and IT installations

Installation of fall protection systems

Dismantling works


Installation of GSM, DCS, UMTS, LTE systems

Reconfiguration of telecommunications equipment, SWAP

Installations of radio lines

Installations and measurements of antenna systems

Installations of telecommunications power plants

Installations and measurements of fiber optic routes

Planning and construction of indoor and repeater installations

Preventive maintenance

Quick troubleshooting in „emergency” mode 24h 365 days / y

24-hour supervision over alarm and IT networks

Backup power supply protection for telecommunications facilities